FANDOM puts you in the best seats at every game. Get inside the stadium, the dressing room and the press box. Follow your team like never before.

"Fandom is a beautiful and simple way to follow the team I love."


Fandom is the one-stop app that will change how you follow your team. Using a revolutionary new approach, our stylish and easy to use app puts thousands of sources of information right in your hands.

Fandom is the all-in-one solution for the modern fan.

  • Social

    We curate real-time tweets by club to deliver the most relevant content to your fingers. Fandom delivers up to the second information from on-the-beat journalists, official club accounts and influential fans. Get all the news, none of the noise.
  • Players

    Twitter keeps fans and their heroes connected like never before. Using our curated and verified lists, you can keep ahead of the tabloid pack with every Premier League player on Twitter listed by their club.
  • Stylish

    Using our beautiful and easy-to-navigate app, just choose your team and you'll be immersed in everything your club gets up to. Team news, injuries, features, transfer gossip - it's all there. You can also spy on your rivals with a single tap.
  • Score

    No need to download a separate scores app, we've built one in so you can keep an eye on every game as it happens - and save enough battery power to send that gloating text at full time.
  • News

    Fandom is not just the best of social news, you can keep up to date with the news section featuring the very best handpicked media sources, specific to your team.